VIP Card Voice Recorder, 32GB Voice Activated Noise Cancelling Audio Recorder for Lecture, Interview, Class, Meeting, 40 Hours Battery Recording Time

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Voice Activated: Move the power switch to "ON" position, press the button three times to start voice recording, the yellow indicator LED flashes 6 times and turns off. System goes to voice activated mode with long standby time (over 80 hours),it will auto records audio when surround sound is over 45db,one event saves a file and named by date and time;

Voice Activated Recorder: Avoiding timely edits to your recorded audio, voice activated recorder mode allows for recording to initiate only when there is a voice or sound detected, and stops recording as soon as the surrounding is silent. Automatically stitches together for convenience in one recording file. Standby time for voice activated is up to 80 hours, you can carry it all day without worrying about running out of battery and missing important information

Voice Activated Mode: Move the power switch to "ON" position, press the button three times, the yellow indicator LED flashes 6 times and turns off, system goes to voice activated mode, captures only when an audible sound is detected, reduce whispering and snippet, conserving space, eliminating soundless passages and saving power and storage space.

VIP Card Design: Unique design same size of credit card, with 0.27inch thickness, easy put into your wallet, bag or pocket, it records high quality audio sound inside of the wallet, no need to take it out for voice recording.

Long Recording Time: 40 hours continuously voice recording with a full charged. Great for whole day voice recording demand, 8 hours playback time which need to connect to the USB earphone(provided), works as a MP3 player to play WAV and MP3 format music songs.

Micro SD Card: The voice recorder card requires a micro SD card to store the recorded file, with 16gb memory, all recorded audio files are saved on the it, can be easily connected to the computer via USB cable or the SD card reader, you can drag the files over to your computer, max support 128gb(Not Included!).

Credit card size digital voice recorder with continue voice recording & voice activated sound recording,built in 600mzh lithium battery allow you continuous recording over 40 hours, voice activated mode over 80 hours, with cards size you can put this recorder in your wallet,pocket,bag or any other place to records whole day.