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Products tagged with 'hd spy camera'

  1. Do you want to know who is monitor you? when you in the hotel, office, car, wash room and other place, do you worry if some body is surveillance you? use this device is easy to find out wireless and wired camera, GPS tracker, mobile phones and jammers. Learn More
  2. Bag Spy Camera - Spy Hand Bag Camera - Spy Bag DVR with Remote Learn More
  3. HD 1080P IR Night Vision Watch Camera,1080p spy camera watch,spy watch 1080p hd Learn More
  4. Use this wall mountable light switch to record secretly record people and get alerted in real-time on your phone! To the unknowing person, this looks and works just like an ordinary light switch. What they don't know is that there is a high resolution spy camera with a pinhole lens hidden inside. It is one of the most effective spy products available. Learn More
  5. Hidden Camera GSM Audio Bug Detector Anti Spy Finder GPS Signal Lens RF Tracker Learn More
  6. Hidden Camera GSM Audio Bug Finder GPS Signal Lens RF Tracker Anti Spy Detector Learn More
  7. Do you looking for an camera with your work permits? this ID Card Camera is great for you, built in 1.3 Mega CMOS camera, with date and time stamping on the video can be use as evidence, with record audio function allow you to do a long time interview, it has take picture function, great for you to capture the important activities,you can custom design your working information on the card, it is can be use in mostly public place, in office, car park, meeting,even at street Learn More
  8. This 720p High-Definition Spy Camera Watch video watch has infrared night vision & 4GB. The ultimate undercover spy gadget is here and featuring high definition video recording, high resolution photo capture, and a durable all-metal weatherproof design. (1280 x 720) high-definition video recording with 30 frames, even in low lighting. Learn More
  9. RF Signal detector Bug Anti-spy Detector Camera GSM Audio Bug Finder GPS Scan Learn More
  10. This is a powerful wireless detector from China, support in time dsiplay to check the wireless signal from 900MHZ to 2.7GHZ,with this device you can check video in time when you in hotel,room or public place, nice anti-spy equipment.
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