RF Signal Detector, Upgrade Full Range Wireless Bug Detector GSM GPS Tracker Device Finder FNR Full-Frequency Detector Audio Bug Detect Hidden Camera RF Detector

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銆怐ual Antenna銆慏ual band performance enhancement,high gain antenna,combined with professional radio waves,search signals are faster,anti interference is stronger,and unlocking azimuth distance detection is more accurate.
銆怶ider range of detection frequency銆慉ccurately detect and find the 5.8GHz mini hidden camera,1.2G/2.4G wireless IP Camera,2G 3G 4G Cards with bugs and locators,high speed uploading vehicle watch GPS trackers and CDMA 4G signals to prevent be persued,monitored and intercepted.
銆怢ED Display & Sensitivity銆慣here is a LED display which can more accurately indicate the strength of the signal source. By adjusting the potentiometer, increasing/decreasing the sensitivity can expand/reduce the detection range.
銆怭erformance Stable and Adjustable銆? signal strength LED status indicator from low to high. Adjustable lens detector mode with different flicker frequencies.
銆怢ong Standby Time銆慣his device could be working over 10 hours after one full charged,in this way you can use for longer time even no charging, built in 1500mah high capacity lithium battery support over 20 days standby, the charging time is less than 3 hours, could be use your cell phone charger to charging it via micro USB cable(provided);