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How we get the wireless bridge working?

The Wireless Bridge has two mode, auto mode and customize mode.

1. Auto mode: simply connect the bridges with POE adapter and internet source, one set for "A" mode, another set to "B" mode, the both bridges will pair automatically, no any other settings, just plug to play.

In this mode, you can use the bridge to extend network access(point to point method) or works as long range video surveillance transmission(point to point method), please visit Auto Mode Shortcut Guide for more details.

2. Customize mode: by this mode you need connect to computer to configure the parameters, you must familiar with network technology, otherwise it may lose internet or not working properly.

In this mode, you need enough network knowledge, it can works with point to multiple point for video surveillance or network extend, please visit Customize Mode Shortcut Guide for more details.

we strang suggest you choose auto mode when you first time use this product, after you get knowledge of the network settings you can switch to customize mode.

In any time please press the "RST" button over 10 seconds, let the device reset to factory mode, it will go back to auto mode, you can save it back in this way if you misunderstand the customize configures.

Wireless Bridge User Manaual & ZLLink Device Tool Software Download

ZLLink Device Tool
Download this software to scan the IP address when you access the wireless bridge by computer, you need unzip and double click it to open the software, click "scan" button to searching the IP address, it will be show on IP address column in few seconds.

Click to View Wireless Bridge User Manual Online

Click to Download the PDF file

Click to Watching the Installation Video on Youtube

Click to Watching the Installation Video on Youtube