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Law Enforcement Recorder Police Camera Law Enforcement Cameras

Law Enforcement Recorder - Police Camera - Law Enforcement Cameras

Descriptions of Law Enforcement Recorder:
Police Enforcement Recorder is a digital video, digital camera, microphone and other functions in the same recording equipment of law enforcement at the scene. It can assist the law officers to record the scene of the crime timely and conveniently. At the same time, the Police Enforcement Recorder can be easily connected with the walkie-talkies, so that it is more convenient to communicate among the law officers. Police Enforcement Recorder mass storage built, it is able to shoot for 8 hours or more. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of law officers working at night, Police Enforcement Recorder equipped with infrared sensitive camera and infrared auxiliary light source, then in a dark environment it can be normal working.

Digital Video Camera
Achieve the sound when the video camera synchronization, real-time clock superimposed, using the company's second-generation OMNIVISION million pixel image chip CameraChip. It is a breakthrough in the performance of CCD sensor of a small form factor CMOS imaging chips, fresh color of its advanced high-resolution video modules, making CameraChip is particularly applicable to a new generation of static and video image digital photography applications.Night Vision: infrared camera + Infrared LED lighting + automatic ambient light detection, to ensure that the environment in darkness at night to shoot the clear image. This is similar products that can not be attained.
The use of infrared light filter guarantees the true color effects when shooting.

Telephone transmitter
Attached with telephone transmitter function, through a dedicated cable it connects with the walkie-talkie, then it achieves talk and communication function, with clear and loud voice quality.

Video playback function
The recorder playback: The recorder display screen playback AV OUT: It can connect with the TV, display screen PAL/NTSC format display equipment trough the connection cable.

Highly integrated devices
Police Enforcement Recorder Just like a small shell of an independent system.Law enforcement officers do not need hand-held operation, effective to enhance the work efficiency, and reduced emergency situations at risk. Record real objective of law enforcement at the scene, it effective protect enforcement of the rights and interests of the parties.

Efficient management system, a random encryption to ensure the authenticity of the shooting information and security, authorized persons only via a password to connect to computer memory management information, the user can only browse, modify operation of computer can not connect.

wear mode
Police enforcement logger can wear in the shoulder belt, pocket radios, etc.; and fittings and has a dedicated police at the scene with law enforcement recorder, wear a solid implementation.

Infrared camera all-weather day and night shooting
8 hours of continuous work, long standby
Massive memory, unlimited expansion, can the use of mobile hard disk
Standby power plug, no power worries
With various types of walkie-talkie connections, can be achieved by the transmitter, then the functional

Specifications of Law Enforcement Recorder
Photographic lens: CMOS 500 Mega pixel infrared lens
Video resolution: 720*480 640*480 320*240 optional
Video frame rate: 30frame/sec optional 10-30 frame/sec
Video formats: standard MPEG4 encoded AVI format
Display screen: 1.5 inch TFT LCD
Focus: f=6.089mm
Aperture: F/3.25
Visual angel: 63C
Normal work illumination: Less than 0.1LUX automatic opening and closing infrared sensor LED
Standby time: 12hours
Continuous video time: 25frame/sec lasts for 8 hours
Pickup: 64KHZ MiniUSB interface
Date interface type: High-speed USB interface USB2.0; car charger
Power supply: Built in 2400mAHlithium electronic batteries
Storage medium: Built in memory 4GB 8GB/16GB optional and etc
Dimensions: 105*66*36mm
Weight: 150g

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