32GB Digital Voice Recorder,Car Model Voice Activated Recorder for Office Desktop Decoration, with 3.5mm Earphones for Playback Recorded Sounds

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Aluminum alloy shell: This car model voice recorder is suitable to be placed on the desk as a decorative ornament, one-click recording when needed without attracting any attention

Simply Operation: Just one switch to operation, extremely easy to use, move the switch to the right position to start voice activated mode, move it to the middle position, the system will stop and save file then power off, move it to the left position, it will continue voice recording and every 60 minutes saves in a file

Voice Activated Recorder: Avoiding timely edits to your recorded audio, voice activated recorder mode allows for recording to initiate only when there is a voice or sound detected, and stop recording as soon as the surrounding is silent. Automatically stitches together for convenience in one recording file. Standby time for voice activated is up to 40 hours, you can carry it all day without worrying about running out of battery and missing important information.

Easy Read on Computer: Simple plug and play feature for file transfer, no installation is needed on your computer. And with higher capacity memory card, you can store a lot of recording files easily.

Noise Cancelling Technology: Built-in AGC noise cancelling technology automatically gain module adjusts the focal length of the sound source, integrating digital signal processing(DSP) technology to remove erroneous noise amplify the target sounds.

Voice Activated Recorder - With voice activated recorder,with time and date stamp on audio file,this voice recorder will automatically start recording when sound is detected,and stops recording as soon as the sound was silenced; that is the best way to avoid long hours of silent recording,It will be available for up to 40 hours standby time or until the memory is full;