16 channel 1000GB Hard Disk embeded telephone recorder,IP remote monitor function telephone monitor enterprise use telephone logger

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Selling point of product:
1. 16 channels
2. telephone recorder
3. embeded design with 1000GB memory
4. Voice activiated
5. Support remote checking or listening function on different computers by internet by client monitor programme
6. support W7 W8 32 64bit system

Ordinary outside line , extension line, virtual network , radio and intercom system, digital phone handle line and analog circuit.

1 Language : English or OEM language according to your quanity order.

2 Unanswered Call Records (If your telephone line has the CID features) When an incoming call was unanswered, the system would detect the CID and record it automatically.

3 Multi-way of starting record The system with Voltage Control,Key Control,Sound Control and so on..Start time of recording can be set freely -can record some duration ,or record whole a day.

4 Direction confirmation Incoming call and Out-going call number automatically detection. (If need to detect CID ,and your outside line must be openned the Caller ID features first.

5 Real time monitoring Can monitor the channel on conversation without any disturbance to the line.

6 Recording circularly automatically Can set 4 disk at most, which is harddisk or subarea . When the system operation disk will be fully,system will delete the foremost file automatically.So that the system can operate circularly.

7 Call Management Advanced call management function-Can list ,print and statistical all incoming and outgoing call number.

8 Log Management The system has the integrity operation log,it can record all of the system operation.

9 Business Management POPUP It can pop up the client's detail information of incoming call if you add the client information to your information bank.. It also can record your client's address,telephone number, business record and so on contents.This function becomes your business helper.

10 Remote Management(FTP) It can upload the recording file to Server by FTP upload function,so that you can listen the recording even if you go on errands.

11, user rights management
The system has a multi-level user management function, users can only operate its corresponding functions, such as setting an operator can only query, statistics, and can not delete the recording data, etc..

12, MSSQL database
Using MSSQL database to solve the problem of large amount of audio data, processing speed is slow.

13, client function
You can log on to the client with any computer on the LAN, so as to get the same experience as the recording system server.

14, alarm function
When the recording system is abnormal, such as ultra long time recording, the line can be broken when the direct mail notification.

15, automatic restart function
When the server is powered down, the server will start automatically when the server is powered up, and the recording system automatically starts to be removed.

16, automatic gain function (AGC)
When the sound is not balanced, the recording card will automatically gain processing, so as to achieve the perfect recording effect.

17, large capacity storage
Factory comes with 1000G hard drive, at least 33250 hours of call records, about 1385 days. In accordance with the 8 channels, the average number of calls per day 3 hours, you can save 1385 days, according to the average daily call 3 16 hours, you can save about 692 days. If it is an average of 32 channels, 3 hours a day, you can save about 346 days. If the capacity is not enough, but also to increase their own larger space of hard drive.

18, smart client
For each system with a smart client software, the need to monitor the computer after the installation, you can achieve real-time monitoring, query, connection status and other functions.

19, group management
Can according to different departments of the company to group management, each department manager can only check their own departments of the phone records

Technical parameters:

The number of channels: 8 channel, 16 channel, 32 channel for option ( here is 16CH model )

The parallel connection:

The recording start: pressure control, key control, sound control

The maximum power consumption: less than 10W

Working temperature: - 5 DEG -40 DEG

The signal-to-noise ratio: 60dB

- humidity: 5%-85%

The frequency response: 300-3400Hz (+ 3dB)

- data rate: 64kbps/s

- interface mode: RJ11

The audio playback distortion: less than 2%

The calling number: FSK, DTMF

- FSK modulation: logic 0 (2200Hz + 1%), logic 1 (1200Hz + 1%)

- call monitoring: signal tone, voice.

- DTMF Code: 0~9, A, B, #, *, C, D

- voice file: WAV

The voltage controlled voltage mode judging standard 40-120V (Zhen Ling) 18-48V (free) 5-17V (off hook)

The system platform: WIN 7

The database: MYSQL

The hard disk: 1000GB

- memory: 2G
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