RF Signal detector Bug Anti-spy Detector Camera GSM Audio Bug Finder GPS Scan

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RF Signal detector Bug Anti-spy Detector Camera GSM Audio Bug Finder GPS Scan

Product Description
Can detect radio wave , magnetic field, hidden wired or wireless camera equipment;
Can detector 2G,3G,4G mobile phone SIM card bug, GPS locator;
can detect 1.2G to 5.8G wireless hidden camera equipment,Professional radio detection device, high sensitivity ,adjustable threshold ,large range of frequency detection;
can detect the standby state magnetic locator, bug; Easy to use(only switch+sensitivity knob),Sound and light alarm indicator,accurate and reliable;
LDE laser technology can detect the standby state of the wireless or wired camera equipment;

The Professional Wireless Radio Frequency Detector is a low-cost, highly effective bug sweeping device that detects a wide range of illegal spying devices
such as hidden wireless cameras, digital audio recorders, wiretaps, Bluetooth, GSM dictograph and stealth headset and mobile network connecting devices.
This is the perfect solution for anyone who is concerned that they might be a subject of covert surveillance.
Rest assured that no one's listening in on your private conversations or keeping watch on your comings and goings.
The Professional K18 RF Detector Cellphone and GPS Detector can detect and help you to pinpoint wireless transmitters within range.
When you're ready to prevent others from listening to your conversations or tracking your movements, this bug detector is the ideal choice.
The RF Detector Cellphone and GPS Detector is designed to locate any transmission devices that are within 35 to 40 feet of your location.
For optimal results, this state-of-the-art device delivers up to 8GHZ of radio frequency detection. You can use the K18 to prevent others from tapping your wired telephone or from using a laser to listen to any conversations in your conference room. Because this GPS detector identifies any wireless transmissions that are associated with bugs,
you can quickly identify any threats to your safety and security.
To identify and stop a variety of threats, this sophisticated device is engineered to determine if series and parallel transmitters, transmitting GPS trackers and devices
that rely on Internet signals are within close range. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're secured from prying eyes and hidden recorders.
Once you know your room is bugged. Now is the fun part. Pinpoint it. You can chose three options to locate the bug, sound, vibration and LED bars.
Technique Data: Frequency range:1MHZ-8000MHZ.

Material: plastic
Wireless detecting range: 1MHz to 6.5GHz
LED lens detector: up to 70000MCD bright
Antenna length: approx 8cm / 3.1in
Battery capacity: 3.7V DC 400mA
Charge: 5-6VDC
Dimension: approx 6.5 * 4.8 * 1.5cm / 2.6 * 1.9 * 0.6in
Item weight: approx 150g / 5.29oz
Package size: approx 16.5 * 10 * 3.5 / 6.5 * 3.9 * 1.4in
Package weight: approx 380g / 13.4oz

Package list:
1 * Detector
1 * Charging
1 * User manual (English)

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