GSM MMS intelligent burglar alarm G80

GSM MMS intelligent burglar alarm G80 Model No.: WO-MMS01

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GSM MMS intelligent burglar alarm camera
GSM alarm camera
GSM mms alarm camera


GSM Alarm Camera With Motion Detection Support Cycle Recording GSM MMS Alarm Camera This is a GSM MMS Alarm Camera covert in an CMOS camera, with motion detection function and night vision function to keep your home or office under control,the dveice can send a picture to your mobile phone as a MMS message when the thief coming, it is also can send the picture to your email and call your mobile phone, you just need send command to it via a message to ask it send a picture to your mobile or email,it support 850mhz,900mhz,1800/1900mhz network.

GSM MMS intelligent burglar alarm G80

Description and Main functions:
With camera & PIR itself
Can send MMS to your mobile phone
Can Send picture to your E-mail
Can match detectors/sensors with mainframe by learning code
IR thermo image monitoring and detection for moving objects, the double detection technology can eliminate the false alarm caused by environmental reasons
It has real-time mobile AV alarm and e-mail video image back-up receiving model
You can monitor the site by mobile phone at any time
You can use mobile to listen the voice at the remote site
Alarms will activate the pre-recorded voice messages and inform the users immediately
Easy operate with a wireless remote control device by simple mobile instructions
You can set if the siren and beacon device to be activated when alarm happen
Under emergency situation EMSD key can silently inform any designated users
With build-in back up battery, device can be still operating during power failure
With IR night vision camera, it provides full time 24 hours day and night monitoring function

Use Occasions
Home, Supermarket, Office, Villa, Garage, Vessel

Specification of main unit:
PIC Format: JPEG
Resolution: 320X240 /480 X320 pixels
Effective Range: < 20 meters
Remote Control Distance: < 30 meters
Plug in power: DC6V
Input: AC110V ~ 220V, 50hz or60hz
Backup Battery: < 72 hrs (depends on battery capacity)
Working Temperature: 0-50ºC (32-122ºF)
Size: 215(L)*195(W)* 80(H) mm

One alarm host (main unit)
Two remote controllers
One AC adapter
One English user manual

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