Latest GPRS MMS Alarm System

Latest GPRS MMS Alarm System Model No.: WO-MMS05

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Latest GPRS MMS Alarm System can send SMS and MMS to 3 preset mobile phones and Can Send picture to 3 preset E-mail


1.PIC Format:JPEG
2.Resolution:480 X320 pixels
3.Effective Range:< 20 meters
4.Remote Control Distance:< 30 meters
5.Plug in power: DC12V
6.Input: AC110V ~ 220V, 50hz or60hz
7.Backup Battery
*With camera
*Can send SMS and MMS to 3 preset mobile phones
*Can Send picture to 3 preset E-mail.
*Can auto-dial 3 phones to inform the users

Alarm without any distance limitationion
Easy to operateuse
Password protection to ensure system security
Wireless systems, no wiring, anywhere placed and installation
MMS alarm system

Main function:
SMS request remote capture the spot: Use the SMS command ask "X1" to capture the local and send MMS back
300000 pixel camera: Special camera, clear pictures be showed on the mobile phone
Image storage: With 2G SD card, can record 100000 pictures maximum
Infrared night-vision: Can support the shoot at the darkest condition.MMS receive on the cell phone: Use the GPRS network technical can see the MMS timely
Images receive via E-mail: The pictures can send to the preset e-mail address, can use it even if without one mobile phone which can receive the MMS
Listen-in: Call in “X1” can monitoring the local
Remote control via SMS: Setting and inquiry all the functions of X1 via SMS
Multi-mode alarm: Any abnormal condition happened on site, can auto-dial, send SMS and MMS to the preset phone number
Wireless Detectors: Can connect with numberless wireless sensors, such as the wireless magnetic door sensor, PIR sensor, smoke detector, gas detector etc
can monitoring several kinds of alarms
Alarm receive status: Preset 3 groups SMS, 3 groups MMS, 3 groups auto-dial, 3 groups of E-mail addresses to receive the alarm info
Manual monitoring: Support open/close the arm status command from user
IR remote control: Delicate remote controller, with panic button
Backup battery: With one Li-on battery, can still working after the power failure of the external power supplier
Main Application:
Used for monitoring office
Used for monitoring hidden place of factory and Entertainment
Used for monitoring Expatriate workers from office
Used for monitoring some key sites such as supermarket,office,financial office when in holiday or in night
Used for monitoring Operation of critical equipment or Information Center
Used for remote data reading for some Site-specific
Used for monitoring Fire-channel flow conditions in Various types of commercial establishments
Used for get evidence of burgling electric power for power company
Used for monitoring Wholesale / retail market while Unattended
Used for monitoring Equipment running and work status under harsh work environments
Used for monitoring Every corner of warehouse
Used for monitoring Items on the shelves of supermarkets,especially corner of shelves
Car dealers and insurance companies(Used as gift of Purchase of car or auto insurance
Private car owners
Small Enterprise stores with vehicles
Property companies with parking lot
Used for monitoring parking place of underground garage
Used for monitoring parking place of Roadside Parking
Used for monitoring parking place Medium-sized parking lot

Application Example:
When family travel or business trip need home security monitoring
Monitoring Household gas leak, fire and other accidents,and give remote alarm
Installed at the door, window, balcony door, important drawers, safes to prevent theft
Installed inside the house to take care of family members, children living
Monitor the activities of family members When the user is not at home
On-site Monitoring workerswhen renovation
Monitoring the work of part-timer and housekeeper
Monitoring children to learn, life in business
Fire, electricity power, banking and other industry users
Decoration company
Logistics Company
various industrial enterprises who Need remote data reading
Enterprises Own warehouse
property company,Nightclubs, KTV and other entertainment
Small and Medium enterprises who need live Monitor nder harsh work environments
Wholesale / retail market with stalls business
All kind of small and medium-sized enterprise

Technical parameter:
GSM frequency: 850/1900/900/1800MHZ
Communication mode: GSM/GPRS
Wireless receive frequency: 433MHZ/315MHZ
The number of wireless detectors allowed: Numberless
Image resolution: 640*480、320*240
Image format: JPEG
Camera resolution: 30 million pixels
Built-in lithium-ion battery: 200mAh
Battery standby time: 3 hour
Volume size: 100L*68W*85H (mm)
N.W (main panel): 200g
Power adapter input: 100v~240v/50Hz, output 12V DC
Work temperature: -10℃ to +45℃
Storage Temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Humidity: 10-90% No condensation

Standard package:
main panel * 1pc
Remote controller * 1pc
Wireless PIR sensor * 1pc
2G SD Card * 1pc
Power adapter * 1pc

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