Hidden Camera GSM Audio Bug Finder GPS Signal Lens RF Tracker Anti Spy Detector

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Hidden Camera GSM Audio Bug Finder GPS Signal Lens RF Tracker Anti Spy Detector

The G318 spy bug detector used for all kinds of bugging such as: listening device, car tracker, wireless camera, mobile phone spy software. A great instrument for catching con-artists and scams that use the latest technologies.

1), with automatic detection function, the host to carry, the eavesdropper in the environment, pinhole camera,

Casino bluffs, etc... The host will automatically shake your body to indicate danger.

2) It has a signal strength indicator lamp and can quickly find the source of the signal.

3) Adjust the potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity. (Improved sensitivity increases the detection range or reduces sensitivity

Used for home, hotel, bathroom, changing room, business negotiation, confidential session, important workshop and research room, military installation, government agencies, entertainment venues or as a monitor for school examinations to prevent eavesdropping, being photographed, shooting videos or radiation damage


Professional radio detection device, high sensitivity ,adjustable threshold ,large range of frequency detection

Can detect High-speed upload GPS locator packet locator

can detect 1.2G/2.4G wireless camera can detect CDMA 4G signal

can detect hidden 5.8GHZ wireless camera and Wireless eavesdropping

Easy to use(only switch+sensitivity knob),Sound and light alarm indicator,accurate and reliable


Technical indicators:

Frequency range: 1MHz-8000MHz

Detection dynamic range:>73Db

Detection sensitivity: ≤0.03mw (main frequency band)

   Detection range:

     2.4GHz Wireless Camera: 10m2 (standard 10mW camera)

     1.2GHz Wireless Camera: 15 m2 (standard 10mW camera)

   Cell Phone Signals 2G, 3G, 4G: 3--15 m2

Indication mode: 9-level LED light indication/Voice indication

Power supply: Built-in 3.7V1500mAH lithium polymer battery

Working current: 60mA Continuous work: 15-25 hours

Material: Aluminum Alloy Weight 155g

Volume: 102x52.5x21.5mm

Package Included:

1 X Signal Detector

1 X Use Manual

1 x Power adapter (US/EU)

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