Fully Automatic nonwoven face mask making production machine

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The automatic mask body machine is mainly used for the automatic forming of flat masks. The whole roll of fabric is driven by the roller after unwinding. The cloth is automatically folded, wrapped, pulled and uncoiled by the whole roll of the nose beam strip. After the fixed length cutting, and make it into the covered fabric, the sealing is achieved by ultrasonic welding on both sides. After the ultrasonic side sealing, the fabric is cut and shaped by the cutter. This whole process is automatically controlled. This machine only needs one person to operate; The scientific and reasonable mechanical transmission configuration makes this machine extremely efficient. The special welding wheel and cutter wheel design have good wear resistance and greatly increase the service life of the product.
Parameters: Ultrasonic Frequency: Size:6000x4000x2000mm Voltage:220V-50/60Hz Air pressure:5-6KG/CM2 Production Capacity:50-60pcs/Min Power:8kw Productivity:50-60pcs/Min
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