Complete 4.5 Watt Powerful GSM Box Neckloop Mini Earphone Micro Invisible Spy Earpiece

Complete 4.5 Watt Powerful GSM Box Neckloop Mini Earphone Micro Invisible Spy Earpiece Model No.: WO-GSMBT-X05S

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Complete 4.5 Watt Powerful GSM Box Neckloop Mini Earphone Micro Invisible Spy Earpiece


Complete 4.5 Watt Powerful GSM Box Neckloop Mini Earphone Micro Invisible Spy Earpiece-Black Color

Product DescriptionNo need mobile phone. GSM Neckloop and earpiece - that\'re all you need.

Features of GSM Neckloop

Two way covert communication via mobile phone networks
Optimized inductive coil creates strong power for earpiece
Can support Works with Micro Nano earpeice
Built-in top sensitive 38dB microphone to pick up whisper voice

Working Principles of GSM Neckloop

The new developed GSM Neckloop has a build-in dual band GSM module that works in both of Four Band mobile phone networks.
Once insert a GSM SIM card and turn on the power, it will automatically pick-up calls from any mobile phone or telephone. The powerful inductive coil will creat strong signals to drive earpieces within 60cm distance.
One pc 35db top sensitive microphone ensures your partner hear the whisper voices, even the GSM Neckloop is hidden under the clothes.
The SOS/ Reset button allows you to cut off audio output signals to avoid earpiece detectors.
GSM Neckloop has a built-in rechargeable 920mAh battery. It supports 6 hours talking time. Full recharge takes 4 hours.

1.No need any other Bluetooth set, Just the earpiece, New technic
2.Audio power 4.5W .Long Distance reach to 80 CM, big voice, and voice adjustable
3.Can work 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz all over the world ( India,USA need IMEI number before send aboard,Software available for clients make IMEI into the GSM freely)
4.950 mh Battery can work for 5- 6 hours according to the volume

Package List:
1 * GSM neckloop
1 * earpiece
2 * battery 337

Q:What Applications For?
A: Criminal investigation, public security, anti-terrorist, drug smuggling investigation, negotiation.

Q:Can The Covert Earpiece Connect Without Other Kit by Bluetooth of Phone?
A:Well, at now all covert Micro earpiece model can’t be connect without other kits,But Don’t Worry ! That You can take the GSM Kits For Earpice, When you use the GSM Kits, you no need the phone already, Any Way, We have strong team, we will make them

Q:Can Covert Earpiece Be Waterproof?
A:At Now All Model Is Not Waterproof Yet.

Q:Does It Has Turn Off Button? And How To Turn off it?
A:The all covert Micro earpiece doesn’t have any button for turn off/on. When You Chose the hold,it will be turn on. When you take of the hold, it will be turn off, Like Photo Shown You: --- Now it is turn on --- Now it is Turn off

Q:Which Model Covert Micro Earpiece Should I Choose?
A:Yes, I know that, so many covert Micro earpiece in the market, what should I choose? well, as I say that if you are student,please consider purchasing our Model: 305/105/A680/218/QS218/CVK918 why I say that? they are cheapest in the market, and how about the quality? well, as you know that what price,what goods, but they are enough for hear, if you are government procurement, I high recommend to you procure the professional Model:0601A/501/401, They are very good quality,you can hear clearly sound,even you are in war fighting or some high noise place,

Q:Why 218 and Magnetic Model Has Noise?
A:Yes, I know that, some time the sound have bizzzzzz, right? Look, first they are without IC chip, so they don’t have any noise reduction functions, and second they are inductive working principle, so they will be easy interference with other wireless signal, such as your speaker will be near your calling phone, speaker will be bizzz also, but if you take the professional Model, that will to be solve

Q:What difference between magnetic and non- magnetic earpiece
A: Mangetic Earpiece will have Electro Magnetic Interference,But Non-Magnetic Earpiece will not have this promble.

Q:Why Some Model Is So High Price?
A: Look,you must be know that what price, what goods, the high price is for good quality, and professional service, Some Model is very high quality

Q:How About The Guarantee?
A:Normally, 365 days Guarantee time for your order, but you are our vip customer, we can do better guarantee time for you


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