Bluetooth Sunglass Earpiece inductor,Invisible Mini Phone Covert Exam Cheat Spy Earpiece with tiny magnetic 305 earpiece

Bluetooth Sunglass Earpiece inductor,Invisible Mini Phone Covert Exam Cheat Spy Earpiece with tiny magnetic 305 earpiece Model No.: WO-EARGL03

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Bluetooth Sunglass Earpiece inductor,Invisible Mini Phone Covert Exam Cheat Spy Earpiece with tiny magnetic 305 earpiece


NEW Bluetooth Glasses; combines A Full Hands free Talking Kit with classic real-looking Glasses and an invisible earpiece.
Easy spy kit includes new Bluetooth Glasses and Spy Wireless Earpiece.
Unlike other kinds of Bluetooth Glasses that needs to hold near to ear, this new Bluetooth Gasses allows you to hear clearly through spy invisible earpiece.
The new Spy Bluetooth Glasses features for exclusive design and max optimized configurations.
The spy micro earpiece is a small wireless audio receiver which should wear in the ear canal. The earpiece works perfectly with the Bluetooth Glasses.
The spy earpiece is completely silent and automatically picks up signals from the Bluetooth Glasses.

Ideal for:
School examinations
Get answers from your partner outside, through mobile phone or even put the mobile phone outside of classroom and get transmissions from it.
Business meetings & negotiations
Get the information secretly from your partner in real time.
Surveillance and detectives
Provide you with the ultimate in listening covertness.

Excellent concealment, Bluetooth Glasses For mini wireless earpiece as A Full Hands free Talking Kit with Glasses (You can also change the lenses by yourself).
New technology, totally wireless without any wires at all
Long working range (compared to some similar products in the market - this one is much more convenient than the others)
Works with all Bluetooth phones, Bluetooth media players, etc
Built-in high sensitive microphone, great for covert communication with your partner

Transmission range: to cellphone: 10 meter
Bluetooth version: 3.0
Talking time: max 6 hours
Standby time: max 24 hours
Charging time: 3 hours
Bluetooth Password: 0000

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are those real glasses?
Yes, these are real glasses with the ability to change lenses.
2. What should I know before choosing an earpiece?
The sound quality depends on the whole system, not only on the earpiece inside the ear.
The working range, from the antenna (loop set/transmitter) to the earpiece
The working time

3. How to use this set?
It is very easy;
Pair/match the rubber with cell phone, just look the rubber as a normal Bluetooth headset
Wear the earpiece
Make a call or play some songs
Adjust the volume

4. Can anyone see that I have an earpiece in my ear?
The earpiece is very small and invisible, nobody will ever notice it.

5. What is the output of volume in the earphone?
It provides medium volume output, clear sound within the working range. If it is put more closer (the earpiece and the rubber) - then louder you will hear.

6. How to wear the earpiece?
Clean your ear canal thoroughly right before using it - this is very important.
Install the battery in the mini earpiece.
Put the earpiece inside your ear with the help of the Bar/Handle or Tweezers.

7. How to take the earpiece out?
When you are done, don't forget to take the earpiece out with the help of Bar/Handle or Tweezers from your ear. Don't forget to take the battery out from the earpiece.

8. The volume is low / I can't hear anything, why?
Adjust the volume on the rubber and on the cell phone.
Make sure that the distance is no longer than 20cm

9. How about the quality of the sound in my ear? Are there any noises ?
The sound is crystal clear and you can hear every said word by your interlocutor on the other side. The system don't produce any noises that you can hear. If you get loud noises, please check your cell phone.

10. How is the earpiece powered?
 The mini earpiece needs 337 battery to work. It is also known as a button watch battery and is available everywhere.

Package Contents:
1 x Bluetooth Glasses
1 x Wireless Earpiece + Batteries
1 x Charger
1 x Operating Manual


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