2.4GHz Wireless Cap Camera with DVR Receiver

2.4GHz Wireless Cap Camera with DVR Receiver Model No.: WO-T106/D

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2.4GHz Wireless Cap Camera with DVR Receiver


2.4GHz Wireless Cap Camera with DVR Receiver transmitter and receiver China Wholesale, wireless hat camera,wireless cap camera,wireless transmitter,transmitter receiver,2.4ghz transmitter, video transmitter,wireless transmitter,china wholesa 2.4GHz Wireless Cap Camera with DVR Receiver Produuct Description:
Transmission range is up to 300~500m (L.O.S.)
Convenient & safe body-worn hidden gadgets
All are portable with built-in li-battery
Wireless transmission provides real time video on 3.5" DVR screen to view result as you record,never miss a chance
Near and far focus available for choice (near focus for small text record)
3.5"TFT LCD screen with up to 800X600 resolution
Video Format: Mpeg-4,AVI (800 or 320 @ 30fps) MP4,3GP
Memory: built-in flash :2GB~8GB; support SD card 1GB to 16GB
420TV line for clear image
Night vision available
Encrypted frequency available to avoid interference from Wifi equipment, WLAN network,bluetooth equipments;and other general 2.4GHz equipments can't receive your signal,protect privacy well

DVR Specification:
Modulation Mode: FM
Unobstructed Effective Range:300~500m(Without Block)
Operating Temperature:0C ~ +50C
Storage Temperature:-20C ~ +60C
Operating Humidity:85%RH

CAMERA Parameter:
1) General ISM 2,400MHz~ 2,483MHz CH1 CH3
2) Encrypted: 2370Mhz (CH1); 2510MHz (CH4)
Audio subcarrier frequency:6.0Mhz
Antenna:Built-in 2.4G antenna
Transmitting Range:300 feet in line of sight
CMOS Total Pixels:656 x 592(NTSC)
Horizontal resolution:420TV line
Frame rate:30FPS
Built-in mic.:55dB high sensitivity
View Angle:62C
Camera lens focus
Beyond vicinity:10cm
Minimum Illumination:0.1 Lux / F1.5
Transmission Power:10mW
Battery Performance:Li-ion Battery 280 MAH
Working Time:2.5 hours
Charge time:1 hour
Operating voltage:DC 5V
Operating current:105MA
Dimensions( LX D):160X15mm

DVR Parameter:
Wireless Receiving:
2.4GHz –8 channels
CH1: 2414MHz; CH2: 2432MHz; CH3: 2450MHz; CH4: 2468MHz; CH5: 2490MHz; CH6: 2510MHz; CH7: 2390MHz; CH8: 2370MHz
Within 5.8G—8 channels
CH1: 5865MHz; CH2: 5845MHz; CH3: 5825MHz; CH4: 5805MHz; CH5: 5785MHz; CH6: 5765MHz; CH7: 5745MHz; CH8: 5725MHz
Beyond 5.8G—8 channels
CH1: 5705MHz; CH2: 5685MHz; CH3: 5665MHz; CH4: 5645MHz; CH5: 5885MHz; CH6: 5905MHz; CH7: 5925MHz; CH8: 5945MHz
Sensitivity: -92dB
Receiving distance: 100 meters
AV INTV system: NTSC / PAL
Output voltage: 3.6-4.2 V
HD 5-inch LCD screen: Active area 108mm(W) X 64.8mm(H)
Resolution: 800 X 480 Pixel
Luminance for LCM: 200 cd/㎡
Cape clear 5-inch LCD screen: Active area 118mm(W) X 62.8mm(H)
Resolution: 480 X 272 Pixel
Luminance for LCM: 300cd/㎡
VideoResolution: 720*576 / 640*480
Video compress: MPEG-AVI / 30fps
Play format: MPEG-AVI
Audio Frequency: 20HZ-20KHz stereo
Earphone OutputLeft: 20MW+ right 20mW [16O](suit to largest volume)
Speaker: 1W
PhotoFormat: JPG/JPEG
Storage: External SD card TF card 1GB-32GB(optional)
32GB recording time: 10-32 hours
1GB photos: 15625pcs
Operating system: PC Windows & Mac OS
Port: USB 2.0
Language: Multiple
PowerVoltage: DC 5V 
Current(receiving mode): 660MA
Current( recording mode): 680MA
Current(recording with off-screen mode): 340MA
AC adapter: DC 5V 2A
Built-in: batteryLi-battery 3200mAh
Standby time: Wireless record≥9.5 hours(off-screen); ≥5hours(on-screen) Wired record≥12 hous(off-screen); ≥6hours(on-screen) *LED camera not included
Size: (L x W x H)131mm x 86mm x 18mm
Weight(g): 205g

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